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Leads, leads, leads

100’s of leads flow into the brokerage each month and are equally distributed to our agents at no cost.


MARKETING & Transaction Support

Our full-service marketing department and transaction coordination team is provided to you at no cost.


Coaching, Mentoring & Training

We make it our goal to help you win every day and truly thrive in your career. On-site coaches and a huge library of training is available.

Unmatched Innovation, Resources, and Support

Eugene Realty Group provides a level of support to its agents that is unrivaled by other local real estate brokerages.

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Our Unique Business Model

Our model is designed to support our agents on all levels with high-tech marketing, high touch client service and comprehensive administrative support that frees up your time to sell more and have a life!
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Leads - Lots of Leads

We have hundreds of leads per month coming into our brokerage and they all go straight to our agents. Our owners do not compete, but rather, spend all of their time supporting our agents, instead of working with clients.

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We have a marketing department and transaction department that handle all listing marketing, all social media marketing, video production, transaction coordination and most details for our agents. The brokerage pays for the marketing (including professional photos for listings) and does not charge the agents any fees for the services we provide.


We have a high-tech support and marketing team who work hard to brand our individual agents. We focus heavily on support and cutting edge lead generation so our agents can focus on their clients and having a life outside of work.

Coaching, Mentoring, and Training

We have on site coaches who are readily available for our agents, in addition to a huge library of self-serve content that can be accessed 24/7. Our training for new agents is first class and we believe the best in Lane County. Whether you’re new to the business or more seasoned, there’s always something to learn and new technology to adapt to. Having a guide for anything you need can make all the difference in your attitude, outcome and experience. We make it our goal to help you win every day and truly thrive in your career.

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Company Culture

We like to have fun! And we also like to work with nice people who have a positive and team-oriented attitude. We support each other, collaborate and all work together to pursue our goal of being the best brokerage in Lane County. We’re selective about who we hire and work hard to maintain the awesome culture that we have!
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Being part of a team with a focus on personal and professional growth is an amazing experience that inspires you to do and be more. That’s one of the founding fundamentals of our brokerage and one of the biggest things we have to offer. Our learning mindset and positive focus inspires our agents to thrive and succeed!

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